About Us

The Hollins Technology College’s ‘Cohesion through Creativity’ initiative gives young people a creative platform to experience different cultures, thoughts, ideas and possibilities through creative and cultural learning programmes.

We aim to provide young people with the opportunity to use creativity as a vehicle for self-expression and self-discovery by encouraging dialogue, discussion and strong partnerships.

Through the Cohesion through Creativity initiative we strive to make high quality arts and cultural education more accessible to all young people at the school, which in return helps build social cohesion, develop skills, raise attainment and achievement and improve the lives of young people.

Our projects have given young people the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to make connections, develop a greater understanding of who they are, as well as further develop their sense of curiosity, adventure and imagination.

We have collaborated with a variety of practitioners and organisations to deliver innovative and ground breaking projects resulting in powerful and positive content that both empower and inspire.

Visit our anthology page to learn more about our creative projects.

We are interested in:

  • Working collaboratively with artists and creative organisations to develop and deliver a broad range of enrichment activities for young people.
  • Undertaking commissioned work/projects.
  • Seeking funding opportunities that will allow us to deliver innovative projects which have a positive impact on the lives of young people and the local community.
  • Making arts, creativity and cultural education more accessible to all young people at the school.
  • Promoting positive change, developing a sense of local pride and encouraging ‘Cohesion through Creativity’.

“Cohesion through Creativity – giving creativity a new home”